How To Perform An Effective Colon Cleanse

Having a healthy colon can be achieved by performing colon cleanse.

It is one of the latest trends among health enthusiasts and people wanting to lose weight.

But how exactly does a person do colon cleanse? This article will tell you about three effective methods you can use.

1. Diet

Yes, you can certainly cleanse your colon by being selective about the substances taken into your body. Foods that are high in fiber will help detoxify the colon and rid it of unwanted contents.

Fiber works by binding with the toxins and fats accumulating in the intestines and then flushing them out through bowel movement.

Cereals, whole wheat bread, fruits, and vegetables are high in fiber so make sure that you include these in your meals regularly.

Additionally, drinking plenty of water will help keep the colon clean. It is recommended that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to achieve this.

2. Hydrotherapy

Otherwise called colonic irrigation, this colon cleanse method can be done in a colon clinic. It works by using a large quantity of water, usually 5 to 10 gallons, to flush out the contents in the colon via a tube inserted into the rectum.

The process is completely safe, and has been used even during ancient times by doctors in Egypt and Greece. The session takes about 45 minutes, and the patient is asked to lie down comfortably as the tube is inserted.

Once done, he will then be required to sit down as the contents from his colon are taken out. Usually, people who undergo colonic irrigation are those who are scheduled for a surgical operation that requires a cleansed colon. But, some people also go through this simply to prevent constipation and keep their digestive system free from toxins.

3. Colon Cleansing Products

There are many commercially available products that can be bought in health stores online and offline to cleanse the colon.

These products have varying ingredients, from natural to chemical, all designed to rid your body of harmful matter.

Some products need to be taken in one week, others in two weeks, while many of them would need to be taken for thirty days.

Whilst not all colon-cleansing products are effective, there are really a handful of them that work just as they have promised.

It is therefore very important that when shopping for colon cleansing products, you scrutinize the ingredients carefully and buy only those with good customer feedback.