Effects of Laxatives Used for Colon Cleansing

If you have chronic constipation and asked your friends of some good colon cleansing medicines or procedures you might do, you would hear them say that you should take laxatives to smooth your constipation problem.

But is it really good for you?

What are laxatives? Laxatives, also known as cathartics, are used for long term constipation as colon cleansing but usually it is used only if other natural methods fail.

Nowadays people commonly used laxatives if they want to lose weight as a new diet fad. Laxatives are made to absorb the fluid in your body and eliminate it together with your other body waste.

Many people choose this form of losing weight because it is fast.

It can stimulate the bowel function and leads to colon cleansing by interfering with the amount of food absorbed by the intestines which in turn can result to limited amount of weight gain with a more considerable quantity of weight loss.

But is it advisable to use it every day? No, it is not. Using laxatives daily to defecate can cause it to be less effective.

If you will use laxatives because of chronic constipation and abuse it, it can also lead to more constipation that lasts for 7 or more days and if you have rectal bleeding.

We know that laxatives absorbs water so generally you feel very thirsty, weakness, unusual tiredness, and irregular heartbeat which means that you had lost too much water from using too much laxative.

Some people are also allergic to the one of the key component of some laxatives and that is Psyllium.

If you take a laxative with Psyllium you should have an adequate intake of water because a lack of it may result to swelling that will block your throat and could lead to chocking.

Do not take this if you have already experienced or are experiencing chest pain, having trouble breathing or vomiting.

Sign of allergic reactions to Psyllium includes abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, and a change in your bowel habit that has lasted for 2 weeks. If by any chance you have experienced those symptoms then you should consult your physician.

So before taking any laxatives as colon cleansing, be sure to max out the other options or consult it first with your physician.

Try having a natural and safe way of relieving your constipation like increasing your water intake, eating more high fiber food, and exercise at least 3 days a week.